Natural Gas Fired Power For Oil & Gas Applications

  1. Financial Savings
    No capital cost to bring in mobile power plants vs. utility infrasturcture, if available, which could become a stranded asset.
    Allows Oil & Gas companies to invest their captial back into their core business at a time when the industry is moving quickly.
    Natural gas operated generators provide significant savings vs. diesel operated generators considering fuel cost, transportation and
    storage issues.
  2. Environmental
    Natural gas operated power generatrion is environmentally efficient and clean vs. diesel operated power.
    Consumes some of the gas currently being flared.
  3. Services available
    Design, engineer, install and commission all generating equipment.
    Provide 24/7 real time remote monitoring, data collection and reporting.
    Ongoing maintenance and operations services.
    Rates available on a per kWh basis or fixed montly rental fee.
    Mobile units available from 150-570kW with larger units available on custom order.
  4. Client responsibility
    Provide natural gas flow available and analysis.
    Provide fuel at the generator location.
    Provide proper secure site for the equipment.
    Provide site access for service personel on an as need basis.